8 Tips to Promote Your Website on Facebook

8 Tips to Promote Your Website on Facebook

Social Networking websites are rapidly growing their share on the market, attracting more and more traffic. These sites are causing concern for the other major web players. The traffic to the non-social websites is declining day by day as the Social Networking sites are attracting most of the traffic on the internet. Many people mostly rely on the Facebook pages to know about a particular product or service they want to purchase.

Facebook has evolved into a huge social marketer which provides a free platform to share everyone’s opinions to the world. Many online businesses have realized this trend and now they are busy creating their own pages on Facebook, for promoting their business. The Social Networking sites already have a significant impact on how businesses plan their online marketing strategies.


Are you on Facebook?

It is a good idea to keep yourself or your business connected to other people, and Facebook does exactly that: keeping you in touch with everyone. With just one click, you can get connected to the world at large and know about what others feel or think about a product, service or a problem. For example, you can reach many people by posting videos and articles through your profile. This is an excellent feature that can help you drive the traffic to your site. You can easily share any information you like; and then make it available to a large amount of users at once.


Host The Name on Facebook

Get multiple benefits using Your Facebook Profile!


The groups you find on Facebook offer outstanding ways of targeting specified users with the same focus, habits or location. Facebook groups help you get to the appropriate people in your social networks. They can really make a difference to your business.


Facebook publishes ads which are mostly text ads or small pictures that can easily target the right audience. You can plan for the ads according to your daily budget, to promote your business. Some people are complaining of this feature as it is not up to their expectations. However, these ads can certainly enhance the visibility of your business.


Facebook maintains public profiles. That helps you understand and establish the foundation for online business. It allows fans to take part in discussions. The public profiles are indexed, so searching through them is quite easy for both humans and search engines.


Facebook Apps: One greater feature of Facebook is represented by the Apps. These applications provide a wide variety of entertainment possibilities like music, videos, games and also other tools that are very helpful to the users.


Lexicon on Facebook tracks the present trends and provides a quick view. It is a very simple operation and you will get millions of posts relating to a particular search word you have entered. The Lexicon is a powerful analytical tool in your hands.


Events: Facebook has become a major player for planning your events and publishing them for others. So, it is easy to let people know what your schedule is in the coming months. This also helps you know what the events you can take part in are.


Facebook Connect: enables the users to visit other websites without logging into them separately. With a single username and password you can enter a good number of sites. This is really a unique feature that reduces the burden of creating a username and password for each site you visit.


Adding your personal profile to your business is like giving it a personal touch. It enhances the business opportunities and you will be known to people, along with the products you market on the web.