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Often times I’ve sat to think of all the reasons why I love what I do. Many times the answer is, the people we serve. I’ve had many different types of jobs in my life. From my first job as a pizza flyer delivery guy, to a Real Estate sales man, to a Life Insurance and Securities salesman, to my first online venture selling Joomla templates as an affiliate. All of these were never as fulfilling as serving high powered web hosting to thousands of people all over the world. The satisfaction of knowing that tens of thousands of websites depend on our servers every day is a feeling I love having every day.

Host The Name

Host The Name, in Downtonw LA

Through the journey of I’ve meet people from all walks of life, all different countries, cultures, religions & languages. You Name It, We Host It!

Our community at Host The Name is so diversified yet united by the same cause it was definitely something I wanted to share with the world. To me, it’s a matter of understanding our market share, and how movers and shakers start small but can grow so quickly in a matter of days. Most of our business today was generated by referrals. Those people who genuinely see the value in our services are the ones that keep us going. I often take time to thank these people who have been the rock of our growth in our run so far, and will continue to be a key factor in our reach for our upcoming goals.

From the smallest of websites, to large networks of hundreds of sites, our community is one of a kind. We have people who are doing 10 things at once and some that do 1 thing and do it so well they have amazing results. While working with these individuals I’ve come to know their tips and tricks, their do’s and don’ts which I will compile and eventually share with everyone here on my blog.

It was important to me that I let everyone know how thankful we all are to have you, to serve your websites. We do our very best to make sure we can help you every step of the way. The fact that over 90% of our customers have been transfers from other hosts can only indicate one thing: we are on the right track. It’s with this note that I’d like to kick off this blog, which I will do my very best to update often with useful information for everyone.

I hope you keep this blog link on your favorites, or at least RSS our feed, because we have a powerful community of online masters who have shared with us some of their secrets and have allowed me to share with the world some of the simple tips that can make a huge difference for your online businesses.
My love for what I do stems only from the people I get to work with every day. Because no matter where they are from, or what kind of website they have, it really goes without saying; we have the best customers in the world.

Thank you!

All the best,

Oscar Hernandez
System Administrator
Host The Name – Los Angeles