How to Choose a Web hosting service?

Are you planning to have your own website? Have you decided about the name? Is the name available? Who will keep your website on the Internet? Where should you store the information?


If you have been searching answers for these questions, you are lucky; you have come to the right place.


What is Web hosting?

This is the technical term that answers most of the questions raised above. Storing your website information and all the data in one place is called ‘hosting’. The hosting company provides you a place on the server to keep all the information relating to your website and its data. The server which keeps your information is called the “webserver”. It will be connected to the internet and your website will be available as long as the server keeps your information and uploads it.


Next is finding a suitable hosting service. Before you go searching for a particular service for web hosting, it is better to have a clear idea about different available options.


Why do you want a website?

What is the purpose of the website you are launching? Is it a personal website or a blog? Is it your company website? Much of your online activity depends upon the purpose with which you start your site and you will need to have it in view permanently.


If it is only for expressing your thoughts and ideas and make them known to the world, a blog will be very useful. You can easily launch a blog and not worry about hosting expenses, because these will not be so high.


For your small business, if you want to launch a website, you have different options: hosting your website with a free host, using a shared server, and getting a dedicated server, only for your website’s needs.


Hosting your website free of cost

This type of hosting provides free web space for your website. However, there are some limitations when using such a service. Many free hosts will not allow you to use your own domain name and you can only use one of the provided subdomains. There will be some limit to the space you can use and you won’t be able to have all the features you want to for your website.


Sharing a server with others

This is the most popular option for many small businesses. Keeping a dedicated server exclusively for your website will only cost you a lot of money if you don’t really need it. What the service providers do is accommodate several websites like yours on the same server. It is almost like taking a room for rent in an apartment. It’s a great option to go for, when you only need a certain amount of space. Security is ensured and you will most definitely get a lot of advantages, when compared to a free host. Not to mention, you get reliable customer service whenever you have issues or need advice. Sharing a server with others is the best option, if you want to host a small business website.


Choosing a Dedicated Server

If cost does not matter, you can go for a dedicated server exclusively for your website. Many of the big businesses keep their own servers for many reasons. Having one exclusively for your website has lots of advantages. First, there is no limit on the space you want to have for your website. You can have any number of features you like. Moreover, the data will be safe and it is in your control.


Another latest development in web hosting is co-location. Through this, you will own a server by buying it. You will have exclusive rights on the server; and if you want, you can resell some space on it for launching other websites, in case you don’t need the whole server for your own needs. This way, you can also recover some of your operational costs.